A small electric campervan?

(am I really going to do this? (spoiler: yes))


I’m Steve, climate change tragic and recently retired.

I have this idea that I will enjoy travelling around Western Australia, living for days at a time in a vehicle that does not rely on tanks of fossil fuel for propulsion. Sure our electricity grid still has a large percentage of coal and gas generators (but I’d rather not comment on govt policy here), so part of the experiment is to have the lowest possible carbon footprint and offset the rest with “Carbon Positive”.

My Mum’s old stink-car is on its last legs and the BYD T3 van is being released right now. It’s the cheapest new electric vehicle in Australia, at around $35,000 plus on road costs and the reviews and reports I’ve seen are quite positive.

Today (July 28 2021) it’s still a dream, but it seems to be getting more solid every day. So I’m starting to write the story now.

I hope that I can help others (and the planet) by describing the adventures and setbacks I encounter along the way.

The blog follows, in chronlogical order –>

Or jump to 21 Feb 2022 when I pick up the van in Sydney and head for Perth.

Or jump to the latest entry and work backwards. However you like to do it 🙂

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